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Retired professor and Holly Creek resident, Carol Hodges still loves research and teaching.  So much so that she will be presenting at a luncheon hosted at Holly Creek that focuses on how to age successfully. The luncheon is Thursday, February 9 from 11:30 am to 1 pm.

 “There is a 10-year landmark study that found seniors can maintain and even improve their quality of life as they age,” said Hodges.

 The study on aging by the MacArthur Foundation, discovered that 70 percent of physical aging and approximately 50 percent of mental aging is determined by the lifestyle choices that we make every day.

 Hodges’ presentation will focus on lifestyle choices and the components of Masterpiece Living, an initiative for successful aging based on the MacArthur Foundation study.

 The study found that by focusing on growth socially, intellectually, physically and spiritually – the quality of life for seniors can be improved.  During the luncheon, Hodges will discuss ways of putting these four components into action. 

 “The takeaway for seniors is to let them know they can achieve their potential and can take control of the quality of their life by making good lifestyle choices,” said Hodges.

 The luncheon and seminar are free. Seating is limited,
 RSVP today to 720.266.5610.  


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