PROMISE Star: Heather Salazar

Promise-Star PROMISE Stars live out these customer service principles: Personalize interactions, Respect each person, Own each person’s problem as if it’s yours, Make everyone’s life better, Invite people to connect and Exceed expectations.

Heather Salazar, Sales & Move-in Coordinator

Holly Creek One day while Heather was touring a prospect she met up with a resident and his Personal Care Aide (PCA) at the elevator. The resident was refusing to get out of the elevator and was aggravated and wobbly. Heather knows the resident and was able to convince him to give her his drink making it easier for him to move (he wanted to walk with his drink and use his walker at the same time). This simple gesture by Heather made it possible for the PCA to help the resident to his apartment. When Heather wrapped up her tour she went to the resident’s apartment to give him back his drink. When she arrived the resident was in the kitchen refusing to go into the living room to sit down so Heather pulled a chair into the kitchen for him to sit on. The resident ate his dinner there while Heather and the PCA waited for his daughter to arrive. Heather’s presence helped the resident relax. During their wait, the resident was quite unsteady, leaning toward the left while in the chair so Heather moved over to his left and stood there for support, blocking a potential fall. When the daughter arrived she took over care and support of her Dad. This story is a great example of Heather’s compassion for resident’s and a perfect example of the service basic, Exceeding expectations.

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