PROMISE Stars live out these customer service principles: Personalize interactions, Respect each person, Own each person’s problem as if it’s yours, Make everyone’s life better, Invite people to connect and Exceed expectations.

 Nora Adams, Executive Administrative Assistant 

Holly Creek embarked on a large and time intensive project of upgrading the safety and notification technology in all 221 homes in residential living, known as GrandCare. When it was time to begin the training for the technology, the ED asked Nora to take the lead.  She gladly accepted and traveled to another state to attend a three-day training. Upon return to the community, she was SO excited to get things started and begin implementation.  She immediately jumped into action, coordinating individual department training, resident champion training and became the lead liaison for GrandCare. Since the week of December 12, 2016, Nora has solidly worked on the GrandCare project non-stop, making sure she doesn’t miss a step, ensuring the end product will be perfect.  She has installed the GrandCare computers in every home and provided a short training to each and every resident and coordinated team members to help her meet deadlines.  On top of this, her communication with GrandCare and our WiFi provider has been nonstop, communicating any issue no matter the severity.  Grand Care went live last week and went QUITE well and the resident’s adoption rate has been awesome. On Wednesday, the first day to check-in, approximately 60% of the residents used the technology.  Today, it was up to about 85%!  Nora has been meeting with residents individually when they aren’t checking in to make sure there isn’t an issue with the technology or their understanding of how to use it.  She has also spent a significant amount of time working with team members to help them be more comfortable with the technology – spending lots of time with the concierge team.  Her flexibility and desire to do things right has certainly paid off. What service basics are evident in this story?

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