PROMISE Stars live out these customer service principles: Personalize interactions, Respect each person, Own each person’s problem as if it’s yours, Make everyone’s life better, Invite people to connect and Exceed expectations.

Kent Harcrow, Skilled Maintenance Coordinator – Holly Creek

This nomination comes from a resident. “One Sunday at 4:30 a.m. I realized I had a frozen main water pipe in my cottage and called the Concierge for help. The Concierge immediately called Kent and he came in on his day off to help. When Kent arrived at my cottage he checked the crawl space and all the faucets. What he found was the pipes in the crawl space were frozen so went to the main building to grab a heating unit. Upon his return, he placed that in the crawl space to help defrost the pipe. Kent spent 1.5 hours helping me and did so with kindness and grace. If Kent hadn’t come as quickly as he did, I’m sure the pipe would have broken, water would have been everyone, and I’d be displaced from my home. I so appreciate what he did and feel very lucky!! He gave up his Sunday morning and drove through the snowstorm to help me.”  This is an excellent example of what PROMISE Service Basic(s)?

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