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  “Changes in Attitudes. A New Perspective on Aging.”

Session One: 10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.

Coming Alive at 75: A Conversation-Hugh Petrie and Jack Hull

Hugh and Jack have a lighthearted and informative conversation about the differing views of aging, human value, and life after 75. What do the “experts” say in comparison to the people who are actually living well into their 90’s? Is life really worth living after 75?

Jack Hull is a Denver native whose career was centered on marketing. He retired in 1990 as National Marketing Director for Coldwell Banker Real Estate Company. He has lived at Holly Creek since June of 2010. Jack describes this period of life as “An extremely liberating time…where one is free of rearing a family and developing a career…to finding other interests and passions. He has been active in numerous ways to prove his point. Jack’s wife Carol passed away last May. He feels absolutely blessed to have two children and their families who share their lives with him.

Hugh G. Petrie was Professor of Philosophy of Education at several universities and Dean of the Graduate School of Education at the University at Buffalo. He was active in educational affairs at national and state levels. He served as President of the Philosophy of Education Society and is the author of The Dilemma of Enquiry and Learning, and Ways of Learning and Knowing, a collection of some of his many professional writings. At Holly Creek, he has revived his interests in bridge, serving as Associate Director of the Duplicate Bridge Club, and in acting with the Holly Creek Thursday Thespians.

Session Two: 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

“Just the Facts Ma’am.”  The Real Data of Aging- Carol Hodges and Beth Corn

Carol (President of the Resident Council and Holly Creek resident) and Beth (Masterpiece Living Coordinator at Someren Glen) dive into the numbers and little known facts about our aging population. The information you will see is self reported by Holly Creek residents and is taken from annual reviews that have been created by Masterpiece Living. No organization that specializes in the aging population has such a unique database of information as you will see today.

Lunch: 12:00 p.m.-1:00 p.m.

A Picnic in Centennials Dining


Session Three: 1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m.

Laughing While Aging- Gary Dickey

Having a sense of humor allows us to cope with the interesting events that are happening in the world today. Do you understand that laughter is an important aspect of our lives that helps us get through tough times? Find out the different stages of humor and how to enhance your own experiences through laughter and humor. Learn how you can benefit from the variety of ways to use laughter and humor to bring fulfillment and happiness into your everyday life.

Gary Dickey has been a licensed nursing home administrator since 1981 in the states of Colorado, Arizona and Washington. He has held the position of Associate Executive Director of the Suites at Holly Creek for two years. He is a Colorado native that has never snow skied, never climbed a 14’er and rarely cheers for the Broncos. He is married and enjoys the great outdoors of Colorado with family and friends.  He holds a track and field record at Grand Junction High School that will never be broken.


Session Four: 2:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m.

Aging: The Shared Journey- Jane W. Barton, MTS, MASM, CSA

Due to increased life expectancies over the past century, we live in a multi-generational society unlike any before. Generational diversity affords us the opportunity to learn from each other and to serve each other. We all have something to offer. And, we all have something to learn. It is this lovely, mutually beneficial, multi-generational exchange that enhances the ultimate meaning of the aging process. Aging is a shared journey for all ages.

Jane W. Barton, author of Caregiving for the GENIUS, is a passionate speaker, writer, and listener. As the founder of Cardinal, LLC, she provides educational programs, books, and blogs to assist people in confronting the daunting challenges posed by aging, serious illness, and the end of life. As the Caregiving Ambassador for AARP Colorado (2014-2016), she offers educational programs for personal and professional caregivers throughout the state of Colorado. Previously, Jane served as Director of Education for a hospice and palliative care educational institution in Denver, Colorado. She has also served as a chaplain and bereavement facilitator in hospice and palliative care. Jane is a certified Spiritual Director as well as a Certified Senior Advisor. In a former life, she worked as a financial services representative and an exploration petroleum geologist and manager.

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Christian Living Communities and Holly Creek welcome Terry Rogers as our new CEO & President. Russ DenBraber retires in early September after 14 years. Terry comes to us with more than 27 years of experience as a proven leader in senior. Read More…

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